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Beemster Cheese; a whole lotta winners!

October 25, 2010

The Beemster Cheese competition is closed, and for this one we have got a lot of prizes for the winners! A total of 22 prizes are going to be given away by Beemster Cheese and these are the winners:

Company prizes

Community prizes

  • Community prize 1: Menno – ‘B&B

Congratulations to all prize winners, you will soon be contacted by CreatAd about your prizes and how/when you will receive them!

Wonder what the prizes were again? Check the competition briefing!

The board of Beemsterkaas was pleased with the creativity that was once again showed on the CreatAd platform. At the end there was a frun for who was about to become the winner of the first community prize, but at the end there can be only one. Congratulations to all prize winners and props to everybody who did their very best in this competition, we hope we can all welcome you to the next one!

On a side note, the CreatAd team wishes to stress out that we are always on the lookout for possible frauds or people who try to create spiders/bots to gain extra points. During this competition, past and future ones, we always guarantee a fair competition where all votes are gathered in a legal way.

Next competition

We are currently working on getting the next competition launched as soon as possible but we have to ask for your patience for just a little while. As soon as we have a new one ready to go, we’ll inform you immediately, so stay tuned!

Congrats again to all prize winners, hopefully we can welcome everyone again to our next competition.

Keep designing!

The CreatAd team

Utrecht University Competition, overview.

November 17, 2009

The people at the Utrecht University have a really hard time deciding which ads should be the winners.

It won’t take long anymore but to make you see why it’s that difficult, we made you a video. It’s an overview with a lot of the great ads from the Utrecht University competition.



Canei Competition

March 23, 2009

The Canei competition ended friday night. We’re thrilled with the results and think that Canei is going to have a hard time picking a winner! Meanwhile voting is still open until the 27th. We thought it would be nice for you to see all of the Ads at once, so we put together a little video.

This video doesn’t include the brilliant video Ads that were made. You can find these here..

The House

Bottle of Words

Life Sparkles



Don’t forget to vote for your favorite Ad! More news coming soon..


January 21, 2009

Yesterday Marketingfacts came by to do an interview.. See the result below..


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