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Update on participating Ads

January 31, 2011

As you have read in our previous blogpost, there was uncertainty about the way some Ads gathered votes. We reported that we are looking into the whole thing and we have come up with the result; all the votes gathered in this competition are gathered in a legal way.

This is why the 8 Ads that are currently on top will also participate in winning the community prizes. Because it would be very unfair to first get them out and than put them back in, we have come to an agreement in this situation in which the first 16 Ads will be judged.
All 16 Ads will compete for the community prizes on the same level so chances are the same for everyone.

Bear with us in this situation, we are doing our very best to make sure everybody stays satisfied. We believe this is the best option there is regarding this situation and in the future we will take a second look at the voting system.

We count on your understanding and creativity!

The CreatAd Team


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