New competition: The Batavus BUB

After the Beemster Cheese competition, we are going to stay in the Netherlands with a brand new competition for a brand which is also typically Dutch: Batavus!

Batavus BUB

One of the oldest bicycle brands in the Netherlands (1904) has introduced a new kind of bike this year which design is inspired by a paper clip: the Batavus BUB. Click here to see how that was done by the designers of Batavus. Batavus characterizes itself for many years by combining quality, comfort, safety and design and has done that with the creation of the BUB as well.

During the launch this year, several campaigns were held for the BUB. A close cooperation with Radio 538 (with DJ ISIS and Dennis Ruyer) was established, a BUB was made for the World Championships in South Africa and together with KiKa (a Dutch charity fund that helps children with battling cancer) a special KiKa BUB was made. Starting now, Batavus asks your help to design!

You can now create an Ad for the Batavus BUB which is already has a creative and innovative design on its own. A real challenge to unleash your creativity! Click here to go to the briefing immediately!

You can not only win great money prizes, worth € 2250,-, but Batavus will also give away 6 Batavus BUBs! That makes the total value of the prizes € 5250,-!

Go to, read the briefing and start designing!


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