The winners!

February 2, 2011

It has taken us some effort, but here we are with the relieving message on who the winners are in the Batavus competition!
It has been a very turbulent competition but with some extra effort we managed to find a way in which all Ads could compete for all prizes with equal chances.

The company winners:

1. “Get creative” by Knarf art
2. “Inspiration” by Boudewijn
3. “Step by step” by Boudewijn

The community winners (chosen from the first 16):

1. “Batavus AD” by Mark
2. “Create your own style” by Ruben
3. “Wonderful mind” by Jesse

Congratulations to all winners, we were again impressed by the level in this competition since it has clearly gone up and people used each other’s creativity for inspiration. The winners will receive an e-mail soon so we can send you your well deserved prizes!

Stay tuned for the next competition, we will get in contact with several users on how to improve our system. Hopefully you are willing to think along!

The CreatAd Team

Update on participating Ads

January 31, 2011

As you have read in our previous blogpost, there was uncertainty about the way some Ads gathered votes. We reported that we are looking into the whole thing and we have come up with the result; all the votes gathered in this competition are gathered in a legal way.

This is why the 8 Ads that are currently on top will also participate in winning the community prizes. Because it would be very unfair to first get them out and than put them back in, we have come to an agreement in this situation in which the first 16 Ads will be judged.
All 16 Ads will compete for the community prizes on the same level so chances are the same for everyone.

Bear with us in this situation, we are doing our very best to make sure everybody stays satisfied. We believe this is the best option there is regarding this situation and in the future we will take a second look at the voting system.

We count on your understanding and creativity!

The CreatAd Team

Just a little more patience..

January 28, 2011

Although we have postponed the announcement on the winners of the Batavus competition once, we have to do it again.
The number of highly creative Ads has been huge and also the amount was very good. Because a good decision needs to be made, we have to postpone the announcement until upcoming monday (January 31).

We have read in the comments on the platform that a lot of people are very curious (and we are too) but a little more patience is needed.

We wish you all a very good and creative weekend, come back on monday to find out whether you have won some of the great prizes!

Second update on the Batavus competition

January 23, 2011

As a lot of you have seen, a lot has happened over the weekend on the platform of CreatAd. Some Ads have gathered a lot of votes which, according to us, is done incorrectly and not according to the rules.
The Ads that are currently in the top 8 will (until further notice) be expelled from the CreatAd competition so we can do a proper investigation in this.
We believe that the ‘game’ should be played in a fair way and we will do the utmost to keep it fair.
You will hear from us soon, but we can guarantee you, we’re on it!

The CreatAd Team

Update on the Batavus competition

January 21, 2011

The Batavus competition is coming to an end, the gathering of votes will no longer be possible after tonight 00:00!
In the original briefing, it was stated that after this weekend we would announce the winners of the Batavus BUB competition, but we have to postpone that to upcoming Friday, January 28.

You have all done a great job, the board from Batavus is deeply impressed! Please bear with us and stay tuned the upcoming week!

The CreatAd Team

New competition: The Batavus BUB

November 23, 2010

After the Beemster Cheese competition, we are going to stay in the Netherlands with a brand new competition for a brand which is also typically Dutch: Batavus!

Batavus BUB

One of the oldest bicycle brands in the Netherlands (1904) has introduced a new kind of bike this year which design is inspired by a paper clip: the Batavus BUB. Click here to see how that was done by the designers of Batavus. Batavus characterizes itself for many years by combining quality, comfort, safety and design and has done that with the creation of the BUB as well.

During the launch this year, several campaigns were held for the BUB. A close cooperation with Radio 538 (with DJ ISIS and Dennis Ruyer) was established, a BUB was made for the World Championships in South Africa and together with KiKa (a Dutch charity fund that helps children with battling cancer) a special KiKa BUB was made. Starting now, Batavus asks your help to design!

You can now create an Ad for the Batavus BUB which is already has a creative and innovative design on its own. A real challenge to unleash your creativity! Click here to go to the briefing immediately!

You can not only win great money prizes, worth € 2250,-, but Batavus will also give away 6 Batavus BUBs! That makes the total value of the prizes € 5250,-!

Go to, read the briefing and start designing!


Beemster Cheese; a whole lotta winners!

October 25, 2010

The Beemster Cheese competition is closed, and for this one we have got a lot of prizes for the winners! A total of 22 prizes are going to be given away by Beemster Cheese and these are the winners:

Company prizes

Community prizes

  • Community prize 1: Menno – ‘B&B

Congratulations to all prize winners, you will soon be contacted by CreatAd about your prizes and how/when you will receive them!

Wonder what the prizes were again? Check the competition briefing!

The board of Beemsterkaas was pleased with the creativity that was once again showed on the CreatAd platform. At the end there was a frun for who was about to become the winner of the first community prize, but at the end there can be only one. Congratulations to all prize winners and props to everybody who did their very best in this competition, we hope we can all welcome you to the next one!

On a side note, the CreatAd team wishes to stress out that we are always on the lookout for possible frauds or people who try to create spiders/bots to gain extra points. During this competition, past and future ones, we always guarantee a fair competition where all votes are gathered in a legal way.

Next competition

We are currently working on getting the next competition launched as soon as possible but we have to ask for your patience for just a little while. As soon as we have a new one ready to go, we’ll inform you immediately, so stay tuned!

Congrats again to all prize winners, hopefully we can welcome everyone again to our next competition.

Keep designing!

The CreatAd team

Lacrosse competition closed, new one coming up soon!

August 16, 2010

EC12 logo and Ad competition

The competition for an Ad and logo for the European Championships Lacrosse 2012 Amsterdam is closed. Although this was one of the toughest competitions we have had in a while, a lot of you guys managed to come up with some great ideas. The board of the EC12 was pleased to see that a lot of people jumped in to help them with the designs and are proud to announce the following winners:

Company prizes:

1. Geertje – ‘Lacrosse poster’

2. Toine – ‘Catch us with’

3. Boudewijn – ‘Lacrosse’

4. Josefien – ‘EC12 Lacrosse’

5. Frits – ‘EC12 lacrosse’

Community prizes:

1. Bas – ‘Lacrosse 2012 poster’

2. Khalil – ‘Lacrosse 2012′

3. Mr. – ‘comegetsome’

The winner of the 1st company prize was chosen because of the creativity in the logo. Comments of the EC12 board were: “This is one of the ideas we can work with best. It expresses the speed of lacrosse and combines this with characteristics of the city of Amsterdam logo.” On behalf of the EC12 board, congratulations to all winners, you will be contacted soon about your prizes! Thanks again to NikeID for putting in effort in this competition!

New competition

In a week from now, we will be launching a new competition! A brief overview of what you can expect:

- a design contest for one of the biggest and most famous cheese brands in the Netherlands;

- 1st company prize: a traveling cheque of 1000 euro;

- 1st community prize: an iPad;

- total value of prizes: € 2120;

- the winning Ads/movies will be published on the company’s corporate website;

- lots and lots of the best cheese in the Netherlands!

Curious to see what the briefing will be and for which brand you can start designing?

Just come back soon, we will be launching on Monday, August 23!

Mascotte winners and a new competition!

June 11, 2010

The ‘Mascotte of the Orange’ competition has come to an end and a new competition, for which all your creativity is needed, is ready to be launched. This post will reveal the winners of the ‘Mascotte of the Orange’ competition and we will stay in the world of sports by introducing you to a new competition for a new sport: Lacrosse!

Mascotte of the Orange

The World Championships will start today which means the end of the ‘Mascotte of the Orange’ competition. Again, we can look back on a very successful competition for the brand Mascotte. The CreatAd community has shown it’s best efforts again by submitting a lot of different and great designs and most contain a high level of creativity. Especially because of this, the winners can be extremely proud! The winners:

Company prizes

1. 400 euro cash prizes and Mascotte of the Orange package: Tom Boot with ‘MascottevOranje’

2. 200 euro cash prizes and Mascotte of the Orange package: Meike with ‘We’re on our way’

3. 100 euro cash prizes and Mascotte of the Orange package: Melvin with ‘Mascotte Poster A3’

Community prizes

1. 200 euro cash prizes and Mascotte of the Orange package: Menno Veen with ‘Mascotte van Oranje’

2. 100 euro cash prizes and Mascotte of the Orange package: Jasper veen with ‘Mascotte en Oranje’

3. 50 euro cash prizes and Mascotte of the Orange package: F. Oostland with ‘WK2010!’

Congratulations to all winners! The prizes will be on their way soon!

European Championships Lacrosse 2012 Amsterdam

The European Championships of the fastest game on two feet will come to Amsterdam! In 2012 more than 20 countries (both men’s and women’s teams) will fight each other in the championship of Europe.

The organization of the European Championships needs your help in the design of a logo, but also in the design of (online) Ads that will be used. Your personal signature may be on the Ads, which will actually be put in use!

Not everybody knows lacrosse yet, but you can change that. Again, great prizes will be waiting for the winners, so go to immediately. Meet the sport of lacrosse, use your creativity for this fast growing sport and contribute to the success of the European Championships in 2012! Revolution is on it’s way!

See you on CreatAd!

The CreatAd team

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve got ourselves a winner!

February 10, 2010

Evelien has won the first price as company winner for the 94wines competition with her design! The people at 94Wines really loved the strong visuals of the colors and the fact that it is really mysterious. A very decisive part in naming her winner was the fact that she came up with a slogan: ‘Vintastic’ which the people over at 94Wines really loved! The rest of the winners are:

Name Designer – Name Design

1st place: Evelien – Vintastic

2nd place: Giovanni – Unlock your code

3rd place: Savannah – Iphone add 94wines

4th place: Giovanni – Sparkling Splash

5th place: Kees – Even if…

6th place: Meneer Campagne – 94wines_mer

7th place: Hugo – Kurken

8th place: Jesse – Kind White Wine

Congratulations to all of you! The winners will be contacted as soon as possible. Make sure you do the WineID test on and that you send the result to so that 94wines can send you the wines of your taste!

Besides the winners we want to thank the whole community again for submitting so many great designs! Both the board of 94wines as the community responded great in this competition because of the submission of all kinds of designs. Some designers took a little risk by changing a company’s logo but that might have inspired others in their design. We were surprised specifically by the characteristics of the 94wines that were expressed in different designs. Stuff like this show true dedication and we appreciate that! Stay tuned, because some very interesting competitions are coming up soon!


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